JOURNALISTS have been urged to portray female leaders in a constructive way and increase positive coverage of their activities along with
advocating for their rights so as to move the development agenda forward.
Ms. Jamila Mahmoud Juma, a lawyer from Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) said during a one-day meeting of members of Zanzibar
‘Data-Driven Advocacy (DDA)’ that many journalists have been making coverage that discourages women leaders by reporting them negatively.
“We urge you not to look at shortcomings among women leaders, instead promote them. It is unfortunate that some media, including the social
media discourage women leaders by reporting them negatively,” she said.
DDA group comprise of several Isles civil society organizations (CSOs) under their umbrella Association of Non-Governmental Organization of
Zanzibar (ANGOZA) with the supervision of Pact-Tanzanian and support from the American people (USAID).
DDA seeks to improve and sustain the ability of CSOs to influence policy on rights issues through the strategic use of better data and information.
Data-Driven Advocacy will engage in a wide variety of sectoral issues, including land rights, gender-based violence, education rights, marginalized
populations, and women and youth.
Members of the DDA agreed at the meeting to encourage the media to raise women voices, particularly promoting equal and meaningful participation
of women in decision-making and having better laws in place to safeguard their rights.
Mr. Hassan Khamis-ANGOZA Executive Director said the media should set the agenda on legal analysis of the Kadhis court Act no. 9 of 2017 and
the report identified gaps affecting women access to inheritance rights and division of matrimonial properties after divorce.
According to a lawyer from ZAFELA, Ms. Time Asaa Khamis, although under Islamic law a married woman has a right to own property either jointly
with a husband or separately, most women are being deprived of their right to property due to ignorance of their rights.


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