ANGOZA – Association of Non – Governmental organization of Zanzibar is an outstanding National Umbrella Organization serving the Zanzibar NGO Community. ANGOZA was established and officially registered in 1993 under the land perpetual succession act No. 101 of 1953 and re-registered under the society Act. No. 6 of 1995. ANGOZA is non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, voluntary and non-profit sharing organization. As an umbrella body it is committed to promoting the well being of its constituency by acting as a unifying organ and mandated representative in advocating for transformation for the common goal.


  1. 0. VISION

Vibrant, effective and accountable ANGOZA members working towards sustainable development and improve the livelihood of all Zanzibaris.

  1. 0. MISSION

Strengthening umbrella organization that engaged in capacity building, information and resource sharing, networking lobbying and advocacy, research and program development to ANGOZA members in order to contribute to poverty reduction and good governance in Zanzibar



  • To facilitate sustainable development of CSO’s so as to support the promotion of good governance in Zanzibar.
  • Encourage close collaboration, alliance and partnership building with other organization and network with similar objectives and interest so as to bring the wide impact to the people they serve and the community as a whole.
  • Membership

ANGOZA is a membership organization that is open to all registered NGOs and CBOs. Currently it has 230 members from both islands (Unguja and Pemba)

  • Organization structure

ANGOZA constitute of four organs as follows:

  • General Meeting – This is conducted after three years and its main role is election of Executive committee members
  • Governing Council – this if conducted quarterly and its members are one person from each NGO members
  • Executive Committee – This constitute of eleven members as follows: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Five elected members.
  • Secretariat it consists of Executive Director who is head of secretariat


ANGOZA work on the following areas:

Capacity Building: ANGOZA is a membership organization and its main role to its members is to build their capacity in order to participate effective in implementing their programs to make impact

Policy Engagement:  ANGOZA through support from the Foundation for Civil Society organize meeting to CSOs in order to impart knowledge on How to analyse Public policy and identify policy issues, then how to develop strategy to solve issues.

Information sharing: ANGOZA has responsibility of providing information to CSOs related to opportunities for funds, technical assistance scholarships etc

Research: ANGOZA conduct evidence-based research in order to get facts relevant for policy change and use them for advocacy works. Example Participatory Service Delivery Assessment (PSDA) and Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS)




For the last four years of implementing its designed interventions ANGOZA has achieved the followings:


  • ANGOZA has conducted two Participatory Service Delivery Assessment (PSDA) using modern techniques of Citizen Report Card through consortium of NGOs and Zanzibar Statistics Department in 2004 and 2014. The Assessments has enabled to obtain feedback from community on the satisfaction of service on drinking water and basic education. The first report of 2004 influences the Government to establish the Water Authority, before it was just a water Department. The first report of 2004 was used to see if the proposed issued was taken into action by Government. The second report of 2014 produced is now being worked by government to improve service according to the recommendations given by community.
  • ANGOZA also Conduct Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) in different Government Sector such as Health Sector, Agricultural Sector and Water and Education.
  • From the year 2007 to date ANGOZA is the leading Organization in conducting dialogue meeting and CSO’s exhibition to the members of House of Representatives in Zanzibar already has conducted 9 dialogues and exhibition. During the dialogue difference issues are presented concerning Policy formulation, Acts reviewing and social services are discussed. Through the dialogue and exhibition conducted the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar managed to formulate new NGO’s policy launched in 2009 and Local Government policy that launched in 2012. And they are in the process of reviewing Society Act No. 6 of 1995.
  • In 2015 ANGOZA was one of the members of Drafting Team for Developing Zanzibar Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty for the period of 2016 – 2020.
  • ANGOZA now is a strong partner in the Development processes.
  • In 2015 In collaboration with VSO ANGOZA implemented the Project named FOS II (Fahamu, Ongea na Sikilizwa) phase II which target youth, girls and Local and faith- based leaders. Aims at creating awareness on election process in order to make fully community participation. The project targeted on Youth and Girls who were seemed to be important groups. This project focused on: establishment of 10 youth and girl networks in Zanzibar. Organize and conduct youth training on referendum and election process. Conduct 20 sensitisation meetings in 20 Shehias to introduce the project as well as raising awareness on referendum and election process in Tanzania. And to train 60 local authority leaders and 60 Faith based leaders from different religions on issues of referendum and the election process.

Through this project ANGOZA managed to establish Youth Network in each district of Unguja and Pemba.  These Networks were useful as some organizations that were authorized by Zanzibar Electoral Commission to monitor election used them and they did wonderful job, these Youth received Dialogue and training on democracy during the implementation of the election project, thus the training was found to be important.


The Authorized organizations include TEMCO, TACEA and JUMAZA which are local institutions for observation of election in Zanzibar. About 700 Youth were among election observers through mentioned institutions in both Unguja and Pemba.


  • In 2016 under the support from Foundation for Civil Society ANGOZA implemented policy engagement project which had two components. The first component was to conduct CSOs annual forum that involved more than 100 participants from different institutions and the second component was for capacity building of NGO members on policy engagement through Monthly meetings.