The story started

About Annual convening

ANGOZA as coordinator of recently established think tank with financial support from the Foundation for Civil Society is planning to conduct 14th CSOs annual convening and exhibition for the year 2020. This is a platform whereby representatives of CSOs from all districts in Unguja and Pemba meet and interact with other stakeholders from both public and private sectors.  Through this forum contributions of CSOs received recognitions by government and other stakeholders for the betterment of Society. For example during the last year annual convening it was noted that awareness of Local leaders at grass root level on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was found to be important and will help to have a broader participations in its implementation. Thus participants of annual convening advised that awareness of SDGs at grass roots should continue to all districts of Zanzibar. This resolution was taken by the Government through Zanzibar Planning Commission and under support from UNDP awareness meetings on SDGs was implemented to all districts of Unguja and Pemba. This year annual convening will focus on the implementation of Zanzibar vision 2050 which was launched recently by Government. The theme for this year is “CSOs and Government partnership: Cooperation as stimulus for new economic development in Zanzibar”.  About one hundred and fifty (150) participants will be invited in this year CSOs annual convening and Exhibition.

  1. Objective

2.1 Main Objective

The main objective is to enhance linkages and collaborations among CSOs, public and private sectors through sharing information, showcasing CSOs work to citizens along with charting out pertinent issues related to policy engagement, and development processes.

2.2 Specific Objective

(i) To Examine and analyze key policy frameworks and plans set in place for Zanzibar’s economic development

(ii) To discuss challenges and opportunities available for CSOs in the coming “economic development” revolution and outline how CSOs’ can best be engaged and engage one another to maximize contribution

(iii) Showcase, document and disseminate how CSOs contributed to economic development so far.

  1. Expected Results
  • Concrete resolutions on improvement of policy frameworks and practice for economic development
  • Greater visibility and appreciation of CSOs contribution in economic development on Zanzibar.


  1. Theme

This year CSO annual Convening will involve representatives from all categories of people who are stakeholders of CSOs