The story started

About us.

This project is about to Strengthening CSOs and Media relationship in reporting CSOs News to inform  the fact of CSOs contribution to development of Economy and human rights agendas


CSOs and Media most of the time are the organs that  works in boosting/ push the common agendas for public interest or safe guide public right which contribute in all sectors of human developments   through publicizing data on governance and accountability .


In this era CSOs  and  Medias relation  in reporting CSOs News is question due to that media coverage of stories and balance based political leaders , political conflict and personal break news and push out the CSOs News which was public issues .


ANGOZA as an umbrella  organization shown that is needed to strengthening Media and CSOs relationship  by organize National CSOs and  Media forum  where media industry and  CSOs will set the sustainable  agendas to overcome challenge and gaps that was affected these two industry and their development


This project will boost their experience and professionalism between CSOs and Medias  in working with public, at the end of the project recommendations will be developed which will create friendly and effective environment for the media in their work. 







Background and Context: 

Socio-economic and political context for the proposed project, such as internal & external challenges facing the country and area, forces at play, etc.

 Zanzibar is Contain Two Islas which have different sociocultural, political, and economic development, the information/media sector has never been a union matter but is among the link of development process in all sector which include CSOs development., although, it has to be admitted that the mass media played a crucial role in the political and socioeconomic development, this include the establishment of  Zanzibar Newspaper Act of 1988 which empowered the President to ban foreign” publications. According to the report on the State of media in Tanzania of 2017-2018,Currently media in Zanzibar face various challenges in their work operation, these include lack of experience in running their business in the modern world and the gap of professionalism and violation of media ethics is still an issue for consideration.

Basing on the context of media with full of opportunities occurred, an action has to be taken to boost up the experience and professionalism of media  for them to work effectively and create a successful media history in Zanzibar ,this will be possible through the project that will be implemented that will bring together media, CSOs and public to strengthen their working relationship in media issues.


Problem Identification: What is the problem your project will address

The creation of National space needs CSOs and Media to break barriers on information dissemination through sharing the roles of Civil society and Medias in amplifying citizen voice and facilitating their participation in inclusive development process.

The CSOs study Made by FCS Commission in 2018 on Quality of Media engagements with Civil society in Tanzania is below 10% in all media houses include social medias while over 50% Engagement is on Political leaders News .these are means that the voice of public through CSOs development engagements are closed by media movements also effort made CSOs for public interest are still in question, also professionalism and violation of media ethics is still an issue on their News and reporting even the function of activity is of CSOs events.

Due to that ANGOZA come up with the intervention of Organizing Zanzibar CSOs and Media Forum in order to create an enabling environment for Civil Society and Medias to grow in the country by undertaking such roles as commissioning by them  and  creating space for multi-stakeholder dialogues and discussions on various matters of interest to the nation