The story started

About dda project.

ANGOZA through support from Data Driven Advocacy project is implementing the project on Strengthening Advocacy Capacity of CSO in Zanzibar to Address Human Rights Violations for the aim of improving and sustaining Civil Society’s ability to advocate for and influence policy on key national level human rights issue.

Working Group members in order to know the weakness in capacity and find their solution,the assessment will be done through developing a tool for capacity assessment which will be shared with network members. After the completion of the Assesment, ANGOZA will the assistance of an engaged consultant will develop an Mentorin/Coaching Plan which may include Physical Visits to WG members but will also employ teleconferencing and frequent follow ups.

Working group members will be given training on policy development and analysis that will help them to tackle effectively the identified policy issues, the training will include an analysis of priority policies as case studies

To secure the safety of working group in tackling human right issues, a training on digital security will be conducted to WG members, through this training members will be aware on how to secure their data in the organizations. 

The identified issues recquire a continuing research to know more about ther real situation and implementation, there fore Working Group members will be  trained on various research methods for advocating the identified issues

 In measuring the space of Civil Societies various indicators are used to see whether the space is improving or shrinking. These indicators are as follows; Freedom of information and expression (access to information; freedom of expression; media freedom; and, internet freedom); Rights of assembly and association (right of assembly; right of association; CSO autonomy and rights; and, CSO funding);Citizen participation (free and fair elections, citizen participation, and citizen advocacy); Non-discrimination/ inclusion (women’s rights; minority rights; and, the rights of marginalized groups); and,  Human rights/rule of law (human rights; rule of law).